02 Tsunami 1

Tsunami of Energy


Tsunami of Energy is filled with awakening symbology, info, numbers, timing, letters etc. I feel is about a tsunami of energy bringing massive change – Everything changes!

I see 2 trees and 3 notches in the loaf of bread, or “Wormwood”. 23 dots on the snake. Lots of 2/3 references in this first wave of sketches. A standing (tidal) wave, A butterfly (rebirth). I see the S,W,N in the snake and NE/NW 42 on butterfly wing. Also 2118 or 2018 on the other wing (maybe). The snake section might refer to String theory, because I see this character used in the quantum sketches. The people in the building are all “awake” (lights on). The butterfly antenna represent a split (a rebirth split). There’s more, but I’m not sure. Nothing is planned and I had no idea I would look back with this perspective. The wings, for example, were stripes that had parts erased to make random patterns. Nothing was sketched with the intent of interpreting it. This goes for every sketch on this site. These interpretations were done seven months later.