75 Last Call for 5D

Last Call for 5D

Last Call

Last Call for 5D is filled with symbolism. It also connects with other sketches with the numbers 2 and 3.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Mandela Effect or Berenstain vs. Berenstein, when I sketched this stage in the awakening. In light of ME reality-shifting, I figure the A on this bear is probably about stAin vs stEin, and speaks to a last call decision to stay in linear reality or step into multidimensional reality.

Apart from the A, we see 2 and 3 or 23 (again). The bear looks worried; that’s where I got the idea for last call. The triangle-shaped clock is specific.

I feel this sketch is about timing (do or die); let go of fear, step inside and drink with the grizz – or not :). Line’em up!