Another Gift

Another Gift

Another Gift

This sketch is a vibrating, interdimensional superhero with a piece of string that is offered as a spiritual graduation gift. Also… there are 10 dots in a triangle shape.

My interpretation is… 10-dimensional superstring theory – Supersymmetry. What’s interesting is the interdimentional superhero is vibrating, not the string, suggesting (metaphorically) that the string is a reflection of our vibration (state of being).

… Note… I just watched my first lecture on string theory, so I am adding this info…

Our superhero’s torso looks like an “M” (M-Theory?). There are two thumbs and two fingers missing from the two middle hands; actually, the vibration makes it look like two middle hands.

So… there are 14 fingers (layers), between the thumb-ends that are pointing out. It makes me think of the punchline “I live on the thumb-hand side of the road”; then stick both thumbs out, facing opposite directions.

Maybe the two thumbs are multidimensional ends, connecting two or more dimensions at the same time. Polarty applies to strings (animated and self-balancing universe).

Do the strong and weak, multidimensional forces apply to the string – no doubt!

I’ve seen these layers (rocks, not fingers) in another sketch. It will be the second sketch, in the Quantum Energy Sketches (next to a copy of this sketch), with the hand pointing to the layered rocks.

I’ve since learned there are more than 27 “dimensions” of String theory. What does this mean when it’s all in the now, at different frequencies? How do different frequencies talk to each other – a multidimensional translator – a human aligned to both frequencies!