There is a new Earth being built!

If dream messages are boring, skip the rest of this text 🙂

“Missing” turned out to be representative of part-two of a prior, lucid dream. I don’t want to bore people with my dreams, but I didn’t plan this sketch, which talks to it.

The dream was an astral tour with an invisible entity (telepathic communication of voice and proximity/attributes of the being). The first part of the tour happened in 1996; it was a tour of the World Trade Centre. I was shown two typical looking sailing boats in a clear blue sky, circling counter-clockwise around the top of the towers (looking up at them). I was told the towers were the “World Trade Center” (I never heard of a world trade center, at that time). It didn’t register that they were real life buildings until that faitful day I saw them on the news 5 years later.

The two sailboats circling the towers were symbolic of an illusion, because sailboats don’t fly! Something about that actual event was not as it seems, beyond popular conspiracies. Something more profound happened on that day.

The second part of the dream was about a map of Earth being built in the sky, piece by piece, at an increasing rate of speed; click-click-click as puzzle pieces joined together, filling the sky, but there were pieces missing in what seemed to be most or every country.

A list began scrolling down the sky-screen, listing what seemed to be most or every city in the world. I could read city names when scrolling slowed to highlight them.

Part three happened in 2013. The same entity (same vibe) shows me a massive tsunami that looks motionles off the east coast of Canada (probably North America). It was so big (500-1000 ft) that it looked to be standing still from miles away.

People were calmly building a wall of sand with buckets, but it was completely obvious that the wall would do nothing to reduce the full force of the wave.

I think the point was that they were seeing a different reality than I was. Nobody was in panic mode; even I was at peace. I can understand that the wave was probably symbolic of massive change.

This sketch is not the same earth map that I saw in the dream, I never know what a sketch will be until it is finished, or almost finished – and I don’t edit them.

The map I saw was a flat map of Earth, with typical looking puzzle pieces. Most notably, upper west Africa was a missing puzzle piece.