The Shaman. The Shaman! When this sketch came up and then in meditation, higher-self conversations, it was suggested I start offering healing to others, it seemed like a nudge to begin… and here we are!

Energy frequencies surround us. Our state of being is frequency (thoughts, beliefs, emotions). Healing is about balanced energies. We bring love in from Source/God and with love and balance we share it with others.


This free healing gift is for fun – all medical disclaimers apply. My healing energy is a gift of love; not a diagnosis and not a substitute for professional medical help. It’s considered to be Reiki healing or Shamanic healing.

Website to contact by email:

This healing gift is free. I live off grid in an area with wonderful proven healing energy. If you believe you can benefit from healing energy and you can stop focusing in any negative way on your health issues for about 24 hrs (just be positive and let go of expectations), we can give this a real chance for success.

After you ask for this balanced healing energy in comments below or by email from my website… say out loud “I accept healing energy from Tony” and also talk to your cells. Say out loud “Hi cells and DNA, I’m here to tell you I love you and we are going to recieve some balanced healing energy from Tony that I want you to use to balance and heal. Specifically I want (what do you want). Did you feel chills when you said I love you to your cells – they love you!

Afterwards, in 24 – 48 hrs., let me know how it goes. I’ve used this energy with great success at home so don’t be surprised if it works well for you. All you need is to have a real intent to feel better and visualize my healing energy filling your body, cells and your energy field with balance and love *love is a powerful healing energy. There is nothing you can do wrong, except maybe have low expectations. It’s important that you verbalize your acceptance of this healing energy from me. Talking to your cells is also very important, here. Tell them (you are the boss) to make you crave food and drink that you need to heal and to help you not crave or want things that work against you.

This energy doesn’t make mistakes. Healing is considered a miracle but it’s also a multidimensional, quantum event that involves receiving “smart love” from Source/God, which is shared from healer-person to person who did not yet discover their own ability to heal (we are equal). It’s called a revelation because it is a one way channel love energy from God to the healer, who shares this pure love healing energy as needed with his/her brothers and sisters. God energy knows what to do and what it is allowed to do… It’s “Smart Love”!

You have a higher authority, your higher self, that knows what’s best for you, but you must let go of fear and negativity. This healing energy stays with you until you accept or decline it. You don’t need it twice. Accept it and with love (self love) and gratitude (greatful for sharing love) Intend to heal with it!

If all you remember is to accept and heal with love from Tony the energy healer who lives with the bears n wolves in the Yukon bush (sounds cool but not quite as spectacular as that :)… then you are good to go!

Here we go!