Change the World!

Inside Out
Inside Out

We tend to think in terms of changing the world to conform to our beliefs about what is best.

It doesn’t work this way. The collective experiences the reflection of itself. The individual can choose to accept, reject, support, fight, endure, or some combination there of.

As I have discussed throughout this site, we experience the reality we choose to emotionally feed into.

To reject is to give no thought or emotion to the target within reality. We should not feed energy into what does not resonate with us. It is this simple.

Move your attention to more positive targets. If you don’t like corruption, choose to live an example of truth. Choose to focus your attention on examples of what you prefer to experience. It seems counterintuitive, but the energy of today is not the same as yesterday.

The reality we experience individually is a reflection of our overall, emotional state of being. In conflict, we walk the path of conflict. In peace, we walk the path of peace. If we stand guard, we attract the need to stand guard. If we are stuck in PTSD, we will continue to experience it until we stop focusing on the emotion of it.

The process for shaping reality in the wake of perceived, psychological limitation or PTSD, is to focus on what you do want. It is this simple. If we focus on what we don’t want, we attract that experience. If we focus on what we do want, we attract that experience. This is how we change the world; from the inside, out.