Ego Prison

The 3D illusion from a higher perspective.
3D Me

In short, stop judging and simply “be”.

When we awaken, we release karma and emotionally detach from all that is pushing or pulling us in our 3d reality. Ego is the measuring stick of illusions. We use it as a state-of-being guage.

We measure everything that we are, against everything that we are not. This exercise creates illusions of fear and pain that obscure peace, love and forgiveness; such as, hatred, contempt, jealousy, pride, lies, excuses, gossip, selfishness, self-righteousness, criticisms of self and others, judgment, revenge, guilt, expectations, depression, embarrassment, regret, anxiety, sense of failure, anguish, fear, control mechanisms, stress, heart disease, crime, war, debt and death.

Unawakened, the mind, body and spirit never know balance. Locked in judgement of self and others, we only perceive illusions of linear reality; we will not have a consious experience of multidimensionality.

We are prisoners of our own making. The ONLY true freedom of choice, in the unawakened state, is to let go of the illusion of fear.

An awakened person can look back and see every single aspect of their life as drone-like experiences that wake us up. Unawakened, we spin in drama in survival mode. Not even compassion escapes our judgement.

Unawakened choices are simply maze-like; left, right, back, forward, left, right, back, forward. The awakened perspective is focused within, unattached to outcomes; unattached to everything!

Awakened, there is no winner or loser. How do you win or lose at experiencing many lives – reincarnation?

Life is simply an experience we choose to have at “Earth’s School of Life in Duality”. When we pass the duality test, we graduate.

Until we are awakened, we cannot understand what it means to be awake or unawake. Awakened is a higher perspective, outside the maze; It’s real!

If you want to wake up… Choose to wake up! It’s a free-choice decision, but most never choose! Say it out loud; “I want to awaken from duality, into truth. Show me everything I need to know to wake up!”

Now make it your intent to be open to forthcoming information, synchronicities and circumstances that will show you the answers you need to know to awaken… In other words, pay active attention and look for it!

It happens fast. Pieces of the puzzle begin to come together. If you are feeling creative, there is a reason; be creative.

Don’t let go of your intent to awaken. No need to obsess, just have an open mind and a strong desire for answers! Silly? You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain!

When you start seeing what you are hoping to see, stay centered; read a book on “The Now”, or whatever it is you do to relax. Above all, go with the flow in this process. Week-to-week will reveal what you need to know, when you need to know it.