A New Day…


As I understand it, compassion and ascension go hand in hand. As such, we must leave fear and duality behind.

This decision to change our state of being from duality to compassion is a big step. We have been in survival and competition for a very long time.

How do we let go of duality? We must find common ground with all of humanity, within, and trust. For those of us who make the effort in these tumultuous times, we will exemplify balance!

I truely feel bliss when letting go and I truely feel driven to pursue activities and studies of passion. Passion is an opportunity to discover greater truth about ourselves.

Love/acceptance vs fear/control is the crossroads many will face; compassion vs duality. Dare we take the chance for something better, when it requires surrender; the very thing that we fear the most!

In compassion we find the multidimensional reality that is filled with faith, trust and bliss. But even having experienced it, we bounce between the old and the new, perceiving both as real and illusion as we awaken from one dream into another. Our state of being will determine what reality we experience and how we experience it.

Will we stay the course in balance or be drawn back into duality. Are we sailing in the light or strategizing in the trenches?