Anger Perspective

Perspective is all yours

Emotions are a product of perception and judgement.

  • Perception is perspective.
  • Perspective is expectation.
  • Expectation is belief.
  • Belief is imagination.
  • Imagination is the flow of love or illusions of fear.
  • Love and fear are free-choice states of being.
  • State of being is perception.
  • Keep or change state of being… Repeat!

We explore life from many perspectives. Each perspective is a state-of-being experience.

To take control of our life, we drop expectations; as such, we drop negativity and become balanced and centered in the now.

The now is where our state of being chooses to not experience past and future regret and anxiety. It might be more appropriately described as a state of cleaner (truth) awareness behind beliefs and judgements… or honing in on the “I am” state of being.

As we find our balance in this now state of being, we begin to see through the illusion. We begin to drop karma and fear, which frees the heart to experience more love and bliss… and this changes the world!

From this awakening state of being, we start to perceive multidimensional reality. This heightened awareness allows us to experience how we are shaping our experience of reality.

Reality being the reflection or vibration of our state of being, (what we feel, think and believe or expect – our overall vibration) will be the next experience we create. Anger brings opportunities to experience more anger, until we choose to respond from a more enlightened perspective. Love creates more opportunites for love!

Our awakened perception of multidimensional reality tells us where we are and where we are going. Our state of being is our life-experience (reality) compass!

We change reality when we change our state of being (we move into a collective reality that matches our vibration). When we awaken, we take consious control of our reality compass (state of being), so we must take care to not sit in thoughts of negativity.

If angered, try to come back to a neutral state of being or even a positive state of being, by finding balance and truth in the present moment of now.

When life gets difficult, have faith that going with the flow brings us in line with where we want to go.

It is in trying to control the external that we get lost in the illusion of control and fear. Centering or balancing our state of being, by allowing, is what creates the experience of balance in our external reality. Are we going to scream at the movie or change our perspective and thus our experience of it?