Ascending by Vibration


Mid summer, 2016, a wave of spiritually awakening people woke up to a different Earth. Skies were and still are clear as I remember from my childhood days. There is no haze. There is great depth, with an electric blue vibrancy to the deep baby-blue color. For me the sky stayed cloud-free for the rest of the summer.

It was an extraordinary shift. Colors became “electric”. The best way to describe them is with a 25% boost in light and contrast. Lines are sharp, leaves and grass are highly defined and reflective. Even neutral colors became vibrant.

It was about six weeks later that I was bombarded by the Mandela Effect. I knew nothing about it, but it confirmed the idea that we are shifting in and out of different realities.

Through my sketches I was finding answers within. I began to understand the science of vibration. I began to understand everything to be a vibration. Our vibration is our state of being at or between the extremes of love and fear. I understand this scope of being to be the human spectrum of perception and creation.

I began to experiment by actively focusing my state of being into the now. This removed fear and anxiety and changed my experience of reality to one of bliss and wonderment. I saw kinder faces. I found great entertainment in observing nature. Life began to speak to me. I was experiencing bliss.

I was learning the importance of letting go of negativity, but I would still “fall” out of bliss and get bombarded with negative thoughts and emotions. This happened again and again. After each fall into my old survival state of being, I couldn’t remember what it was like to be in the higher vibrational state of bliss.

Eventually, while in my high vibrational state, I understood that I only needed to remember that bliss is a functionally real state of being. When I was back in my lower vibrational state of being, immersed in duality, survival, ego, and minimal self-worth, I would remind myself about the reality of bliss.

That unrealistic, disfunctional, insane state of bliss was actually real, even though it was beyond my ability to understand it in my lower state of being.

I eventually understood this rising and falling experience to be the purging process. It was a review and purging of buried and not so buried harsh emotional experiences and negative emotional attachments. I was taking ego baths!

This cleansing process removes lower vibrational energy, so that we can raise our vibration in this ongoing ascension. We move into a heart-centered state of being; a nonjudgemental perspective that brings us together in this new age. It’s miraculous to wash away the yeuch from lifetimes of experiences!

After much bouncing between bliss and conflict, I found a balance in going with the flow. I didn’t have the energy to plot and plan for the future, but we don’t have to do that anymore! We can navigate by intuition, excitement and synchronicity in the now.

As a spiritual newbie, I discovered abilities in this ascension process, such as sketching, not worrying, not being anxious, channeling guidance, healing myself and others, and connecting to higher energy. I learned a lot about reality, life, fear and love.

I am now walking in harmony with life. My compass is intuition, synchronicity, passion and compassion. Fear is no longer a variable I easily allow myself to focus upon. Focusing on what we want, rather than what we don’t want is the energy of luck and optimism (it’s actually a higher perspective).

Compassion based decisions are rooted in harmony and unity. I came to understand that all roads walked in fear, present duality and conflict. And all roads walked in compassion, present harmony and joy.

IMPORTANT **With free choice, we choose our state-of-being/reality to be an overall vibration of love or fear.**

From our chosen state of being (Love/Fear), all decision outcomes will correspond in vibration. State of being is very important when making decisions; this explains a lot! The same decision will have multiple outcomes based on your state of being (Fear/Love) when you choose to walk one path or other.