This is the big one. This is the key to God. What is compassion? It’s the way home!

God-Source is all that is. We are expressions of God experiencing God. Picture God as a pool of water; the collective. Souls are the droplets that make up the pool (we’ve heard this before). They are the expression of the collective and the collective is an expression of the droplets. All is one and one is all. Water and spirit/God/angels flow as an energy through itself. It is!

Energy ripples through the pool in the same way as positive and negative ideas, trends, events and discoveries ripple through collective consiousness.

When we understand that we are God experiencing God, we can better relate to and understand compassion.

Our consiousness seems disconnected from the whole, but we are collectively experiencing the illusion of separation, lifetime after lifetime. Now, however, we are connecting to source/home in consious ways.

We need the collective for our Earth journey. Those we judge as a hinderence are needed to navigate and solve our collective puzzle. All free-will perspectives are needed to move out of duality, into unity, compassion and God.

Dark and light (positive/negative) are personal perspectives that highlight each other and give us feedback to grow and evolve towards compassion.

When we stop judging and start loving, we evolve in truth. Compassion is the compass that brings us home, from duality to oneness.

Compassion is our free choice to choose the truth of who we are, to get past the illusions and distractions of who we think we are.

As reincarnation continues to be discovered and understood (this is happening now), the collective will be motivated to work for the better of all. Compassion will become a quality of great strenth and wisdom; not weakness and ignorance!

Compassion brings us home to the source of who we truely are. What we do to others is quite literally what we do to ourselves and the whole. We move together, lifetime after lifetime.

Proof of reincarnation