Creating Reality

The Magician
The Magician

The magician of all magicians creates himself and his experiences!

Our vibration (state of being) affects the collective vibration. And the collective affects us!

Depending on our state of being, we add levels of fear or love to the collective.

Love is so much stronger than fear. We have a larger impact on the collective in this state.

If we choose to fight, we reduce our change-impact and direct our energy into lessons of duality, detracting from collective harmony.

If we choose compassion, we immediately increase our change-impact with higher-self wisdom; right time, right place.

Harmony resonates oneness and expands. To choose conflict is to shift towards a reduction in harmony. We shift in the direction we choose to resonate.

We move into experiences that resonate with us. If we fight or focus on fear, we move into those experiences. If we choose compassion, peace, acceptance, love etc., we move into those experiences.

How we create reality is by choosing the state of being we wish to experience. Dress for success! If we want freedom, we stop fearing restriction. Do those things which embody freedom. Be the example!

If fear is the foundation of our state-of-being, we will continue to create experiences in this energy.

For now…. release, bring your focus into the now, feel the beauty around you and resonate with it. Hold this new perspective and experience of beauty. Walk with it, and make this your reality. Keep seeing and therefore experiencing beauty.