Dark Night of the Soul

So Close
So Close

Usually it takes the loss of everything our ego fears to release, for us to “wake up”; it’s called the dark night of the soul. I’ve quoted Janis Joplin, before, but she said it so succinctly when she sang: “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”!

If life is getting incredibly difficult, causing extreme levels of fear, anxiety, regret, anger and desperation that seem to be beyond control, then you are in for a bumpy ride… to freedom! Higher-self you is shifting you into an awakened state of being.

The dark night of the soul is so difficult because we keep trying to fix outside problems, which are a reflection of inside problems. In a state of panic and fear, we create more experiences of panic and fear.

When everything that needs to fall apart falls apart, we finally have no choice but to let go. This letting-go process is ego having no choice but to release judgements and illusions of control. As this happens, we begin shifting into increasingly awakened states of being.

Through a variety of awakened insights, we finally understand that this emerging, balanced state of being is creating our new and balanced experience of reality. As we find balance and truth inside, we create balance and truth outside.

Anything that needs to be released will be purged from your life, because it’s your time to wake up. Karmic attachments to people, places, things, beliefs and probably career will disolve. The illusion, which was our perception of reality, is replaced with truth.

When we awaken, we bounce between experiences of freedom and loss, until we disconnect from everything that is not in alignment with the truth of who we are. This is the purging process where we unpack all of our emotional baggage for review (yeuch) and complete release; it’s extraordinary that we can finally release it and be free of it!

Awakened we look back on the illusion of who we were and know that it took a miracle to break free and become the truth of who we are!