The duality apple… Yum bitter sweet! Before we take a big bite into duality and pound the self-righteousness table, it appears each bite is an exercise in right and wrong vs allowance… love vs fear… wisdom awaits us all.

Duality is judgement. It is a limited, personal perspective of right and wrong.

What is right and wrong, today, may change tomorrow, next year, or 100 years from now. It is impossible to know if what is judged right or wrong today, will carry forward as such.

Duality is the illusion that there is a right and wrong. A decision is a process that involves intention, evaluation, choice, implementation, experience and outcome.

Decisions made today, in hindsight, may be different tomorrow. We can’t see the future, but we can awaken and navigate from a higher perspective (balance).

When we step back from right and wrong, in the now, and choose from the perspective of love/compassion vs fear/control, for ourselves and others, we begin to navigate from a higher perspective.

From this perspective there is no illusion of right and wrong. We don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice between doors 1,2 and 3. The positive and negative experience we get is found behind all doors, depending on our state of being (fear/love) when we make decisions. We get what we choose to create, by the state of being we create from!

We have free choice to choose from a state of being (reality) of love or a state of being (reality) of fear… And that makes all the difference in our world, for any path we choose to walk. Don’t fear the outcome!