Broad Strokes
    Broad Strokes

    Going forward we will be recreating systems that work for everyone. Passion driven enterprises will succeed; power driven will fail. You do not need a business eduacation! These new systems will be deemed successful by how well they serve the whole. It will be about balance. Whatever role we play, creativity, passion and excitement will lead each of us to real success.

    This rebuilding process will focus on enhancing the whole. Better ideas will come naturally. People will naturally come together in support of good works. Intuition, compassion and synchronicity will help us navigate the unknowns.

    Negativity will not resonate. Lies will no longer sell anything. Misleading marketing will backfire. Corruption will reveal itself. It will not be business as usual.

    Rather than cook up some kind of old-school competative advantage, focus on being the best you can be at doing what you love to do. The new age is moving away from greed, in light of abundance for everyone.

    If you gave up on your passion, it’s time to dust it off and do it again. If you have been avoiding your passion, it’s time to step into the real you. Nothing else will work. It’s time to step into the work we came here to do.

    As entrepreneurs, your focus should be natural, organic growth. If you stay true to your works of passion, they will find success. Considering demand is shifting away from corporate cut-throats, to suppliers driven by passion and compassion, we have much to do. There is so much opportunity ahead!

    Just a final note

    • Artists: real talent and real passion will replace economy-of-scale production lines, don’t give up!
    • Media: truth, balance and good news succeed
    • Entertainment: feel-good trumps blood and gore
    • Food: natural, sustainable and fair trade are the future
    • Tech: connecting people, ideas and resources to innovate, build and operate open source communications for everything
    • Health: big pharma is replaced with healers and treatments based on physics
    • Professionals: freely educated and driven by passion, we create productive, happy, healthy and successful communities
    • Politics: best ideas move forward. We work together
    • Energy: monopolies, cartels and politically driven agendas give way to innovative technologies that cost little to nothing
    • Finance: money mongers will fail in the face of equitable systems of trade
    • Information: used to benefit the collective, rather than target it for profit
    • Advertising: companies with poor ethics will fail