Dark n Scary
Dark n Scary

Fear is a negative state of being that envisions illusory scenarios of negativity.

We are not comfortable not knowing, so we dream up all possible fearful scenarios to solve ahead of time, and in doing so we unwittingly position ourselves in a fearful state of being.

What we consider to be a fearful future event is a limited perspective. We cannot see truth through illusions of fear.

When we choose from a positive state of being, all decisions shortcut lessons in duality. When we choose from a negative state of being, all decisions magnify lessons in duality.

The key is to choose from a positive state of being. Fear is THE big illusion that wears us down with lessons in duality, until we let go of the illusion of fear.

Envision carrying a full water bottle for a mountain climb. Your friend joins you wearing a backpack with two large water bottles; she’s playing it “safe”.

You arrive at the top of the mountain, with one regular water bottle, energized and hydrated. You even top up your water bottle with fresh, cold, clear, mineralized, mountain-stream water.

Your friend on the other hand is weighed down with a heavy pack. She has blisters on her feet. She takes twice as long to climb to the top of the mountain. She needed to drink all of the water because of carrying the extra weight. She is worn out, tired and sore. She will also need a day to recover.

Both of you climbed the same mountain, but your friend’s experience was entirely different. Her climbing decision was made from a more fearful “safe” perspective, so she attracted an experience that was in harmony with her state of being.