God and Imagination

Creative Imaginings
Creative Imaginings

If I were to compare God to imagination, I would find something spectacular! They are one.

All that is, is God; therefore we are God experiencing God. God is inside (seek and find). The truth is within.

Imagination is the infinite space we so quickly tend to write off as nothing more than a room filled with crazy chatter that needs to be stilled; it isn’t! It is quite literally God… Say hi!

While you’re at it, say hi to your cells and greet them with love. This “reunion” may send chills through you! Now tell them what you want your body to do – get better, lose weight. Stay in touch with them – talk to them. They are alive!

From our infinite imaginations (third eye) comes everything we think and create. Tempered with a judgement-free, love state of being, we can walk and talk with God! Tempered with a judgement-filled, fearful state of being, we can talk to “evil” and create the darkest of dark. It’s our free choice!

Ego hides God behind layers of illusion and fear that fill our minds with chatter – Release judgement and be, to sit with God!

I am saying the God in you, in me, in all of us, is the imagination. Filled with “I-am state of being love”, we can sit and talk with God/Source/spirit/angel/loved ones/higher self etc. It’s that shapeless, indescribable, infinite space inside, where all perspectives, thoughts, feelings, creations, and judgements flow!

You will need time to explore this perspective; don’t simply discount it for its obvious simplicity!

Certainly the imagination qualifies as the home of the I-am state of being.

Imagination: infinite, seed of creation, creation of seed, no beginning, no end, I-am, formless, consiousness, all is one, bliss, beauty, visuals, healing, intuition, prayer, faith… Imagination is the God Room in us.

We are created in God’s “image”. God is infinite love. Imagination is infinite love (or fear) by free choice. God is the singular collective of all-that-is. We are the free-choice, duality collective, within that singular collective.

More God-Room fun: imaginary friends, ghosts, premonitions, hypnosis, channelling, talking to yourself or higher self, perception, placebo effect, mental images, psychic experiences, remote viewing, dreams, hopes and dreams, and… wait for it… finding “the answers” within!