Higher Self Perception

Higher Self
Higher Self

Picture your higher self as a real entity in a higher vibration/dimension that is all versions of you. S/he (no sex) is multidimensional, merging and splitting infinite yous in all possible scenerios in this Earth/humanity/duality super educational experience. In duality (fear) we split into a-b/good/bad perspectives/realities. In singularity (love) we begin to instead merge ourselves into higher frequencies. We awaken to multidimensionality!

Reality appears to be changing in what is described as the Mendela Effect, or reality shift. It is a shift in our perception of reality that happens as we merge with our higher self.

Those who begin to awaken, experience conflicting memories that are not mismemories. In fact, they are multiple truths.

The only way we can have conflicting memories is to experience and merge them under one roof (higher self).

Now imagine we begin to awaken, ascend, connect and merge with our higher self. We would experience a huge shift to a higher perspective, where we would become consiously aware of differing memories and multidimensionality.

Most of us are not consious of multiple realities. We have to awaken and connect with our higher self to perceive from that perspective.