Karma and Reality


From the perspective of my experience, karma is a reality shaper. It brings life-variables together so we can play out an experience. When we learn what we want to learn, we move to the next chapter.

I see karma as a change in personal perception. We take on different karmic states of being. We are attracted to and repelled by different people, places, things, goals etc.

This custom, vibrational state of being is what shifts us unknowingly (karma hypnotized) through parallel realities. It’s a very real, 3D, linear experience that we play out.

Reality is our personal and collective custom classroom. Those we interact with are also drawn to us by their vibration. We are brought together to play “it” out. Karma sets the stage and we play it out. We can’t go wrong, but we can keep repeating lessons until they are learned.

When we drop karma (in this new energy/vibration), we begin to awaken and perceive a larger reality that was always multidimensional. An awake person cannot prove this to anyone who is not awake. Even if you could convince someone who is not “awake” that this is multidimensional reality, they would not be able to hold the truth of this perception/vibration. It’s a paradigm shift that karma “guards”. You don’t wake up until you decide from a higher-self awareness that it is time for you to wake up.

When it is time to wake up, synchronicity brings your personal wake-up call, which is packed with everything it takes to wake you up. You begin to disconnect from all karmic ties to people, places, things, goals and aspirations (dark night of the soul). This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of relationships, but it does mean change.

This clearing and cleansing process opens your life to everything new, without karmic “interference”. It is a rebirth into a life where you create your experiences in the “now”.

You may feel like you don’t belong anywhere, but this is the new normal (no karmic ties). We become heart-centered and navigate multidimensional reality, based on our state of being and synchronistic encounters. It allows us to better connect compassionately to the collective.

From this stage of awareness, we begin to find balance within. We start to not need external confirmations for what’s right or wrong; we know! We begin a journey in service to ourselves, which is naturally in service to others. We learn to balance in a state of compassion and neutrality. We stay balanced, experiencing and knowing that reality will reflect this balance. It’s not about survival and control anymore, because that does not work. If we do focus on fear/control, synchronicity will stop until we re-establish heart-centered balance.

We have to let go of fear, worry, anxiety, regret and expectations so that we can live in the now. We have to start doing what we really want to do! There is just no way to hold onto “survival” systems when you wake up.

To clairify, imagine reality is actively and instantly adjusting (reflecting) to your emotional/mental vibe. Now, here are two scenarios: in scenario one, you’re balanced and heart centered and there is a knock at the door. You’re friend is there. What mood is s/he in? Balanced!

Scenario two: you’re focused on thoughts that cause anxiety. Now what mood is your friend in? Exactly, not balanced; maybe even pissed!

Now imagine you are blown away by how many times you see synchronistic numbers on various digital displays: 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 5:55 or a series of mirror numbers: 1:01, 7:07, 3:03, 5:05. How does it happen? You are attracting your wake-up call. You are experiencing synchronicity when you look at the clock at exactly the right time! You can’t miss synchronicity, because you are creating it in an awakening state. You are shifting to parallel realties where you happen to look at these number patterns so often that it is far beyond statistical norm.