Let Go – Take the Wheel

Higher Self
Higher Self

Intuitively we think letting go is about giving up, but letting go is about releasing the illusion of control so that we can consiously take the wheel.

We think we achieve success by exercising knowledge and control as we compete, plot, plan, push, pull, strategize and manipulate all of the variables we can anticipate.

In reality, real control starts with our state of being (positive or negative). The rest of the experience plays out from that state.

How do we get rich when we are spiritually exploring poverty to make peace with poverty? We don’t; we recognize the value of the experience, drop judgement and embrace the next exciting adventure, which might be good timing for being rich.

If we were at peace through all of our life lessons, we would have fast-tracked ourselves out of negativity, karma, duality and illusions of fear. We would be awake, consiously writing and exploring the story of our life.

Letting go of the illusion of control moves our focus from external distractions to an internal state of being, in the now, which is where we create our experience of reality.

Refocusing our attention on our now state of being doesn’t mean we can’t plan and make use of an amazing and creative strategy. It means we are working from a higher perspective. We will know exactly what we need to know in each present moment because we are dialed into an expanded consiousness. Physical memory is more like an antenna that picks up information we hold outside of ourselves, rather than simply a physical data bank. Our antenna is big and clear when we are centered to get a clear signal.

When we choose to align into a high vibe state of being, our higher self and intuition guide us toward successful and positive experiences.