Mandela Effect Skeletons

Spiritually it has been hypothesized that memories are multidimensional. When our consiousness moves through parallel realities, I suspect our awakened state of being gives us access to the memories of other realities.

For “educational purposes” I decided to save and post Internet images of human skeletons. From my perspective they exhibit notible differences.

Images with consistent differences (residual memories) that differ from the current reality are about as good as it gets for tangible “evidence” of exeriencing parallel realities. I didn’t dig for evidence, I simply downloaded images from page one of an image search to see what changed.

These images are not proof of anything, but they are interesting for those who grew up with memories of another anatomy.

Dec 2016

Jan 2017

Apr 2017

Interior anatomy has changed, too. It’s difficult to prove, but we can see “evidence” that people remember their heart being on the left side of their chest.

Fred Sanford was always faking left-side heart attacks – The good ol’ Days!

The mesentery is a newly discovered/classified organ; however, it never existed in my “previous” memory/reality experiences, and I had exploratory surgery that opened my entire abdomine. I would have known all about it. Here is a definition and picture of the mesentery: a fold of the peritoneum that attaches the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, and other organs to the posterior wall of the abdomen.
Mandela Effect - reality shift - newly discovered Mesentery organ

Geography, too! Although there are many geography changes, I am only including a quick vid showing a large island next to Australia that is missing in this reality.

Here is a picture with a large Island, next to Australia…

There are other huge geographical differences, but I am just looking at a few. There is residual evidence for the missing North Pole and the 1000-mile shift in South America, which now has the Panama Canal running north-south.

Galaxy residuals! Earth was located on the outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy, in the Arm of Sagittarious; now it’s located in Orion’s Arm. This is about an 80,000 light-year shift! In actuality, it’s only a vibrational change.