Money Stick

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How do we make the most of humanity, if we continue to enslave it?

The money measuring-stick has been around for some time. There is nothing it can’t measure.

There is really nothing money can’t do. We hold it in the highest regard. It is both slave and master!

Money ties everything together. It is the engine, lubrication, fuel and power that drives global economies. We devote our lives to money!

Money is the most successful, enduring tool of duality. Egos obsess over it. It determines life and death, war and peace, love and hate, truth and fiction, good and bad.

Money is the most powerful belief system ever created. Money is the foundation of nations. It is both limitation and abundance. It is whatever we imagine it to be.

Money is the poison and the cure. It brainwashes, moulds and directs. It tells us what is and what isn’t. It’s our culture, education, goals, aspirations and passion. It’s got us by the balls! It’s the genie in the bottle, the answer to prayers and the artist’s masterpiece. Money directs energy; love, fear, hope and hopelessness. It owns everything and nothing.

Money pulls us into the future and holds us to the past. It’s the “Now” killer. It speaks all languages. It kills with impunity. It demands and pays ransoms. It’s the punishment, reward and crime. It’s the tie-dye hippie shirt and depleted uranium bullet. It captivates in childhood and releases in death.

Money is the perfect measuring stick for collective consiousness. It is a global language that demands respect. It is more widely embraced than any idology or religion. It is the go-to tool for creating in linear 3D reality.

Until we find value within and common ground with each other, from a higher perspective (expanded awareness), money will continue to mislead us in duality and fear.

Awakenings are sweeping duality and fear from the collective, one-by-one, in this new age revolution of truth!