Multidimensional Living

Reality Hat
Reality Hat

Multidimensional living suggests that our vibration (disposition in fear or love, emotions, expectations, beliefs, and life plan) determines our experience.

Our vibration simply “attracts” life experiences. What I mean by this is that we tune into different reality signals. If I could quickly turn my “reality dial”, like a radio tuner, I would see realities phase in and out until I choose the station I like.

Awakened life experiences are no longer percieved as a linear path of one reality. Numerous realities exist in parallel that we experience as our state of being changes. We vibrate or tune into like-energies. As our vibration/emotions change, we move into corresponding reality experiences. In other words, change you to change your experience of me!

There is one “I am” consiousness in a now reality-room, where the shelves are stocked with infinite inputs of thoughts and emotions, and infinite outputs of corresponding reality experiences that flow through us.

As you reach for and select a thought, you also reach for and select its corresponding experience. Each and every change is a reality shift.

Reality shifts are reflections of our individual perceptions within the collective co-creation of reality. This is not as limiting as it sounds. We can and do jump to collectives that better reflect who we are as individuals.

Imagine every possible life experience you could have, within the scope of experiences that you choose for this particular lifetime, all saved to a big USB stick. You then jump/slide in and out of these saved realities, based on your vibration and free-choice state of being.

There are many parallel realities to experience in the now, but we are only aware of one consiousness/focus at time… for now. Unawakened, we perceive┬álinear reality. Awakened we percieve reality shifts; mutidimensional reality.

Imagine a higher perspective where we could calculate the most probable “future”, based on individual and collective states of being/vibration and vibrational choice-patterns. Visualize, from an elevated perspective, ripples on the surface of a pond, interfering, cancelling, resonating and expanding. It might seem chaotic, but we could easily see where the big waves of potential are building and heading and the little waves are fading. The benefits of this higher perspective is available to those in the now. It’s an intuition and synchronicity map that takes us forward on a journey of awakening and compassion into joy and genuine life purpose, in service to self and the collective.

When we shift through parallel realities, those “awake” to multidimensional reality will experience big shifts that change everything.

This higher perspective is part of a growing collective. More people are becoming consiously aware of these reality shifts, which further opens the door to an evolution of expanded awareness.