Nationalism v Globalism


I am only addressing this topic because it is so powerfully present, drawing our attention and emotions into extreme duality, fear and judgement.

Without getting into specifics, forced globalism is not a solution, and us-vs-them is not a viable, long-term solution.

Stabilized nations are needed to effectively build a global foundation for peace and prosperity. In this new energy/new age, truth is coming to the surface. We can work with that!

We cannot expect peace or prosperity from systems that ignore their citizens. Governments must represent the people, if they expect the people to support the government. Nations will come together for peace and prosperity, but not under global tyranny.

Perspectives are so polarized that I have to wonder what spiritual crossroads we are facing.┬áIt’s a perfect, global duality test; fight or rise above!

Do we fight in duality or let go and move out of this old energy towards global peace?

I suspect this catch-22 conflict will drive more people into their “dark night of the soul” and ultimate awakening. The more we fight, the harder it gets!

How do we evolve into some kind of global, equitable, peaceful solution that is not one of two extremes in duality?

I believe we need truth, clarity and a falling away of old systems, to find real solitions. This is happening!

This spiritual awakening is our free choice to awaken into a higher perspective, love state-of-being, from a lower perspective, fear state-of-being.

We can’t solve collective perceptions of duality, in duality. We have to individually rise above duality, as a collective, and leave those illusory puzzles behind.

We rise above duality when we choose to let go of fear. This is an awakening process that reveals higher wisdom, knowledge, truth and understanding.

Those who drop fear, drop illusions of duality that obscure collective core-truths within.

We are, one by one, awakening and discovering that we collectively share core truths; as such, we begin to come together in unity, naturally of our own accord (free choice).

Free choice to rise above fear and duality is waiting to be discovered by all of us (the collective). We are awakening in greater numbers each day.

“Now” is where we must look; not yesterday and not tomorrow. Step out of duality (fear and judgement), into “The Now” paradigm, and begin to naturally purge all that obscures collective core truths.

What remains is a solid, collective foundation of shared truths that unite us in peace, rather than separating us by our unique differences. We can celebrate both from a higher perspective.

For example, two opposing religions share their love, faith and devotion for their unique God/Source. The differences are in how these two religions express their love. We need to focus on our commonalities and celebrate our rich tapestry of unique perspectives.

From this discovery of our collective and shared core truths about our passion to have a loving relationship with God/source/family/all that is, we begin to unveil the wisdom and compassion that we need to come together; nothing is forced and nobody is dismissed.

God doesn’t care what God-finder we use. God is unfiltered love – no distortions – no fear – no illusions. God is singular (no illusions of duality). We are experiencing duality as humans to choose the non-judgemental singularity of love. We are awakening to higher understandings of the truth of pure love – God! Meditate on singularity.