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Multidimensional Shifting

We are constanly sliding through parallel realities, but awakening shifts are big. Our increasing awareness of the Mandela Effect, I suspect, is from larger jumps through parallel realities ending and/or merging together in this new age. When I ask this “how does it work” question, to myself, I get the impression that realities are intersecting and we can move/jump into another one, if we best align with it.

We are either choosing to lock into expansion, unity and higher vibrational/density love OR… more lessons in survival, separation and 3D/4D-fear. Our choice is based on our state of being in mostly love or mostly fear.

Imagine reality shifting as waking up in a world where nothing is linear and nothing has to stay the same; it’s similar but definitely different. There are noticable differences in your face, body, people you know and even the geography where you live. Now imagine this happens day after day; how would you feel? Disconnected and curious!

When we awaken, this is what we experience as we energetically vibrate through parallel realities, based on our state of being (love and fear). We begin to feel more and more disconnected from everything as our perspective of reality becomes less solid and more fluid.

The first three months are mind blowing. The next six months are about learning to walk multidimensionally, as we shift according to how we feel, think and act.

We also learn to be vigilent about staying above negative emotions, because our experience of reality is a blend of perception and state of being. Our experience of reality begins to prove itself to be a direct reflection of our state of being.

When something frustrating comes along, we learn to go with the flow and navigate in peace. We settle in the “now” state-of-being and follow the arrows of synchronicity. If we fall into negativity, synchronicity “waits” for us to come back into a heart-centered state of being. What is happening is our fear or negative vibration is anchoring us to realities that best reflect this experience, so we stop shifting into synchronistic signs that take us forward into preferred reflections of reality.

We won’t “miss” synchronicity, because we create it when we live in the flow of now. We keep shifting ouselves into “signs” of synchronicity, until we get the message… So, fear not!

Here is a surprising milk-splatter picture that quickly changed into this Mandala pattern, within the few seconds it took to put the milk back in the fridge. It has to do with our ability to shape our preferred reality; to shift!

Shape Shifting Milk Splatter
Shapeshifting Milk Splatter

I have experienced people change mid conversation. As my emotional state-of-being drops or increases in frequency, conversations immediately change to reflect my vibe. “Misunderstandings” can result, simply by shifting to less positive emotions. An ageement can quickly become a disagreement, because we are seamlessly talking to many versions of one person. These versions can have increased/decreased opposing views and different memories.

Work at steadying your emotions. The best tool I can think of is keeping thoughts in the present moment. Rather than reacting to the fluxuating emotions of others, focus on balancing your emotions in the positive spectrum of human perception.

As we stay in balance, our environment responds with balance. This doesn’t mean everyone will agree or agree to disagree. It means best case scenario for smoother sailing; go with the flow!