2017 – Now What?


2017 is about polarity, unity and truth. As such, it’s gonna get “real”.

The truth continues to bubble to the surface. Those in the business of hurting others for profit, or any other reason, will reveal themselves for what they are. If they do not change, they begin go out of business.

Those in the business of helping others will begin to succeed and thrive. Those starting businesses that are in line with the changing values of an awakening society will succeed.

The key to entrepreneurial success is now about balance: quality, value, intuition, compassion, real mutual benefit and flow. If we encounter strong resistance, it is a sign to change course. If we have to compete by using low energy tactics, it won’t work.

2017 is essentially the beginning of a new reality that will not support old-school, sociopathic, corporate values. Supply chains that incorporate repression, torture, slavery, abuse, corruption, or hold values that are not in line with the collective, will be exposed and unsupported. Each attempt to hide or manipulate the truth, will increasingly expose the truth.

As a whole-lotta truth comes to light, it will shock and sicken most of us. It is important that we actively process this year of truth, positively. Each exposure is about positive change. 2017 is only the beginning.

The game of global domination is over; it’s changing now. Justice will replace injustice; unity replaces division through mutually beneficial relationships. Find the joy in the idea of truth and change, through the chaos that births a new and positive future. Going forward we need balance and compassion to engage and create the world we prefer.

A final note: very few people trust mainstream media. It paints fear into everything. Fear controls us and motivates us to create in fear, so time is better spent engaging what we do want, rather than feeding into what we do not want.