Peace Works?

Beyond Illusion
Beyond Illusion

I see so much corruption, tension and chaos; how can we simply choose peaceful resolutions?

Reality is a reflection of our state of being. As I interact with others, giving weight to one thing or other, I create my experience of reality; as such, I am looking for peaceful solutions from a peaceful state of being. I know which direction to take, based on synchronicity and ease of progress.

The key is being the vibration of reality that I choose to experience. I step out of conflict, duality, fear and control, to embody the highest vibration of love: compassion, peace and joy.

Fearful, negative energies are ganging up on themselves in this new age of the now. They don’t win anything anymore.

Like-energy is attracting like-energy, positive to positive and negtive to negative. This is not about opposing beliefs or points of view; it’s about something far more extraordinary… Love vs fear; Judgement!

Regardless of our beliefs about who or what is true, or who or what is bad, we are aligning by vibration. There are those who mostly fear and those who mostly love; their reality will reflect thier state of being – choice.

Humanity is a mix of many beliefs. What we have in common is our propensity for love or fear. Those with a propensity for love will share/experience one reality; while those with a propensity for fear will share/experience another!

If we want peace, we must be peace. This is how it works now. This is a new reality where love outshines the darkness. Let go of fear, choose the highest vibration of love and simply observe old energy losing ground as it exerts in failure!