Post Election Rage


This is an easy one, although it escaped me when I was reading about extreme, post-election rage. I was confused for a bit. I knew people would be freaking out, but I forgot about the awakening/ascension energies that are magnifying our deepest, darkest, repressed fears.

These polarized perspectives were completely expected by the spiritual community. It gets worse; much worse and global! This is a great time to seek balance within. Rise above it and trust it will be okay.

We are moving into peace and prosperity, but with so many lies starting to surface, the clean-up is just beginning. This is a perfect time to exemplify compassion and balance in the storm.

These powerful ascension energies ramp up anger from repressed, negative emotions. This dialed-up, emotional energy forces everything to the surface, so that we can deal with it. Personally and globally, the truth is being exposed!

The remedy is to let go; that’s it! To get through it, know this is a purging process that is part of the Dark Night of the Soul! Let go and remind yourself that you are reliving old, emotional pain as you project repressed, emotional energy on current trigger-events (ie election).

It’s confusing to say the least, but this ongoing purging process balances our state of being as we awaken and ascend out of duality.

You chose truth, and this is the road to it! Purging is necessary. There is no beating it up, winning it over, living with it, hiding it, masking it, controlling it or functioning with it anymore. Negative emotions must be purged to awaken, ascend and perceive multidimensionality. You can’t be in a low vibration anymore.

Rest assured we all go through this life changing, deep cleansing, spiritual process! You may end up changing everything in your life, depending on the truth of who you really are.

We will see many emotional meltdowns before things calm down. So hold onto your hats and remember that self-destruction and compassion are the only outcomes that I understand there to be. Just remember to “allow”; let go and go with the flow, or continue to self destruct!

If you are emotionally amped up, know that you are purging deep emotional baggage, through a current event that is triggering deep wounds and extreme anger. In a sense, it’s not reality as you think and feel it to be; it’s an illusion that hammers the crap out of you for a few days! Let it purge and know that it is being released for good; miraculous but true! Finally you will replace repressed pain with real peace!

Wow, this global revolution may be better termed global awakening!