Life Purpose


As we wake up and transform mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, we can no longer function in old control systems. We see reality through a higher, heart-centered perspective.

Driven by purpose, we begin to rebuild our lives and lead with examples of love, compassion, truth, care, ease, grace, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, patience, joy, responsibility, respect, balance, unity, creativity, innovation and wisdom. We allow the universe/God/Source to provide what we need when we need it. No more feeding into slave/master relationships. Follow your passions, from a quiet cup of coffee to your greatest dreams! Do what you can do in the now.

A question to ask ourselves is what path are we going to walk: power, money, spiritualism, religion, wisdom or something else.


  • If media/news scares you, stop watching it. They are in the fear business, not the truth business – period!
  • For-profit economies evolve into equitable economies, to achieve unification.
  • Illusions of power and control thrive on fear and separation
  • Evolution of freedom and unity thrive on wisdom and compassion
  • Basic needs met around the globe: food, water, clothing, shelter, care and better education
  • We do not need politicians, we need informed collective decisions
  • A neutral decision board that truely represents the best interests of the people, which chooses and effectively/efficiently implements best ideas put forth by all political parties – no single party rule anymore.
  • Big business doesn’t inspire innovation; passion does
  • Free education will cultivate and inspire passionate people
  • Industries driven by passion, not money, inspire innovation
  • Free choice is about love or fear; once chosen, we create and learn in that capacity

And a final note…┬áConsidering freedom and privacy are being bought and sold by large online/media corps, we can choose to look for open source options for browsing, searching, chatting and processing. I use and Startpage app and/or for searching the net privately. I have nothing to hide, but our info is not respected, therefore we are not respected. There are “open source” options for everything you do online, from Facebook to Google to Twitter to chat etc, if you so choose. Vote by your actions and your wallet. Companies are imploding under the weight of gobal social change. You make a huge difference with your personal choices. Net proft for big corps run about 3.5%. Share values respond immediately to consumer demand. It doesn’t take much to take back your power. Everyday, huge companies are responding as we demand. We must live and lead by example – change happens so fast now!