Rising Above

Light Up
Light Up

“3D” is our familiar linear reality, immersed in duality. When we begin our spiritual awakening and perceive multidimensionality from a higher perspective, we begin to drop judgemental paradigms in favor of personal truth, wisdom and compassion.

Spiritual awakening isn’t about fixing 3D; it’s about ascension to a higher perspective. Our 3D school is not meant to be fixed; it’s not broken. It’s a school of learning in duality where we eventually graduate when we are ready.

Awakening and ascending is about rising above duality, in compassion and acceptance; not judgement and conflict. To graduate, we must let go of duality. Just let go, ascend out of duality and be true to the discovery of yourself, in whatever direction you find most passionate. Be your new self!

Awakened, we choose to exemplify balance and peace as we pursue our passions and contribute toward peace and progress. We do this by rising above duality and following our heart-centered intuitive guide; a higher-self perspective.

In short, we don’t fight; we lead by example.