Spiritual Awakening


SPIRITUAL AWAKENING includes ‘Dark Night of the Soul’; synchronicities; emotional disconnections; fear, anxiety, depression, stress and pain; creativity; life review; connecting to higher-self; reality changes; physical, mental and emotional healing; detatching from ego; forgiveness and becoming heart-centered.

EVERYTHING CHANGES This metamorphosis is nothing short of death and rebirth, as we ascend to higher vibrational awareness. There is no going back. This is an awakened, stripped down, multidimensional living experience, navigated with a warm and open heart.

AWAKENED ABILITIES I did not sketch or heal with a touch/intent (Reiki), before the awakening. These abilities revealed themselves during my awakening.

ADVICE In your ascension, “feel” your heart opening up and feel the energy in it. Now feel it expand and keep doing this everyday.

TRUST Talk to yourself and answer yourself as though you’re talking to your higher-self/guides/God, until you find confidence in your answers. Don’t wait for answers – just answer your question with the intent that the answers are not just you talking to you. You are building a relationship with your higher self. Yes, it really works! No, it’s not insane.

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (IMO) Spiritual awakening/ascension experience releases everything that is holding us from higher awareness. We are brought face to face with past emotional trama for final review and release. How it gets fixed – I don’t know but it’s a clearing of low vibrational energy. It takes us through (relived) short periods of old drama that feels real but it is quickly released… for good.

NEW REALITIES reflect different histories – Mandela Effect, shifting timelines, superposition.

THE BIG EVENT, where everything changes, is this awakening. Are you heart-centered in truth or lost in illusions of fear? Free choice says we choose what’s next. Do we awaken to consiously experience a real exploration of who we are in a very real multidimensional existence, or do we drone on in illusions of fear, emotional ego and distracting material goals?

LOVE – we ascend as we drop fear and judgement. The higher our vibration, the faster our ability to change our reality into our preferred state of being.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVING – I have experienced all kinds of tangible evidence that reality is constantly shifting. At first it was shocking. As I understand it now, it’s simply spectacular to explore this level of consciousness. Imagine an entire town being different from what you knew; or your face changing shape from day to day! Imagine everything changing as we change, to explore the vibration that we choose to be. Imagine this is the new normal that makes it perfectly possible to choose to live within the collective that exemplifies what you choose to exemplify! We don’t just lead by example, we are actually “creating” by it!

TRUTH becomes not one truth, but infinite truths. My scope of truth won’t necessarily be your scope of truth, yet both are true. We come together in our enlightened consciousness, accepting, observing, experiencing and shifting to the realities that we choose to experience and share. Based on the frequency we become, we continue our evolution toward further enlightenment.

LOVE AGAIN. When in doubt, check with your heart – the energy in your heart is your way out of lower vibrational experiences. It will feel right or feel wrong. It’s not self sacrificing; it’s all encompassing truth that is never directed by fear.

LOVE IS the wisdom behind the answers you are seeking. Love is the path to enlightenment. Understanding the depth and scope of love is the journey of enlightenment. Envision and feel your heart energy expand – repeat!