The Now


The “now” is the state of being where we focus our thoughts on what is actually happening right now. Our thoughts are not focused on the future (anxiety) or the past (regret).

The now is multidimensional reality that is far more flexible and accommodating than what we might imagine it to be.

Reality is best navigated in the now. This is where we have the clairity and tools to make the most of our life experiences that we are quite literally creating.

The now is where the artist creates a masterpiece. It’s where time disappears. It’s the connected state of being that is in communication with our higher self.

The now is a state of balance and harmony. It’s where we find ourselves immersed in our highest energy, vibration, optimism, and passion.

There is no fear in the now. There is love and imagination co-creating in harmony. Even if the situation is extremely intense or mundane, the now is where we find truth and experience peace, love, patience, passion and bliss.

There is an excellent book, written by Eckhart Tolle, called The Power of Now.