What is Evil?

Details in the Devil
Details in Devil

Considering there are so many perspectives, experiences and beliefs about evil, what is it?

Evil is subjective perspective in duality. One man’s hero is another man’s enemy.

As sure as there is light in this reality, there are shadows. Evil is simply degrees of darkness or unenlightened, human expressions.

Is it sinful to be unenlightened? I ask because we judge it as such. From this perspective we could say we are all born in sin, but it isn’t really sinful to be unenlightened; it’s part of the journey to enlightenment.

It takes many lifetimes to reach enlightenment. We will all dance with the Devil, more or less, as we attend Earth’s school of duality.

We can’t judge anyone on this vast lifetime-after-lifetime journey, anymore than we can judge a lifetime by looking at one-minute of it.

Everything we judge negatively, we have either been, are, or will be. Enlightenment is a journey of learning experiences over many lifetimes. Nobody qualifies to cast that first stone.

We are awakening and beginning to see the big picture. We are learning to respect and relate to each other on a higher level.

What we have in common far exceeds what we don’t. We are “God” experiencing diverse expressions of “God” on a journey home to God/source, guided by an inclination for love and a thirst for home.

God Experiencing God